A topic is the main issue that will provide its services as a subject during the writing of an essay. Therefore, the first step to commence any kind of the essay is to select a unique and authentic topic. Moreover, the topic of the essay should be interesting to you. After selecting an interesting topic for the college essay, it will be easy for you to write down the best quality essay. If you are not able to find out the best topic idea for your essay, then you can get help from the essay writing services. Anyhow, a list of the 50 unique titles for the college essays are given below;

1) Write an essay on your favourite game
2) Explain the pleasures of loafing for the college students
3) Write a compare and contrast essay on the right and left-handed pitchers
4) Why is it necessary for us to amuse the others
5) Write an essay on a curveball
6) What are the possible benefits of college libraries for the students
7) Explain the best sport for the exercise
8) How to make the best excuses
9) Explain a sport that is mostly liked at the school level
10) Write a note on the academic snobbishness
11) Explain the qualities of an athlete
12) Write an excitement of having a bank account
13) Explain a sport that is most difficult to play
14) Write a note on the possible penalties for the success
15) Effects of enough sleep on human health
16) What is the philosophy behind using the patent medicines?
17) Describe your experience for the test in a hospital
18) Write a note on table manners
19) How to recover from an injury in the sport
20) Write a note on the different characters of the horses
21) Write down the importance of balanced diet and vitamins for our health
22) Write a note on a visit to a zoo
23) The effects of soft drinks on our health
24) The future of books and computers
25) Why is it necessary for the schools to provide health education?
26) What are the possible cons of the space research
27) What are the possible pros of space research
28) The effects of stress on human health
29) The separate and the combine educations systems
30) Write a note on domestic violence that is faced by the women
31) Can we buy happiness with the help of money
32) Positive and negative effects of TV serials
33) The main causes of depression for the women
34) What are the possible ways to provide help to your best friend
35) The possible advantages of housewives
36) The pros and cons of using the internet
37) What are the possible advantages of women over the men
38) Why are women so sensitive?
39) The pros and cons of online shopping
40) How to improve the security within a campus?
41) What are the security issues in the different educational institutions?
42) What is the worth of acquiring a college degree?
43) How to learn a foreign language fluently?
44) What are the possible benefits of learning a foreign language?
45) How to categorize the different types of social groups at the college level?
46) What are the possible benefits of wearing the school uniform?
47) How to pick a successful business idea?
48) Explain the possible harms of the white collar crimes
49) What is the importance of Cybersecurity for us?
50) Explain the possible techniques to choose the best employees for a business