It is a digital currency that is only exists on computers. It means that there are no coins or notes with regard to this type of currency. This type of system does not require a central authority to take care of your payments as in the conventional system of banks. The payment is sent between the users. It is both created and detain electronically. Such types of currencies do not require a central computer or server. They are based on decentralized networks i.e. their data is shared across thousands of computers.


Cryptocurrencies reach from one individual to the other through online networks. The users directly communicate with each other without considering any third party to carry on with their transactions. Usually the banks, PayPal or Facebook are considered as the trusted third parties whom the users trust with their personal information. But in cryptocurrencies the users does not rely on any third party to do their work. As there are no third parties, there are no rules and regulation to deal with this type of currency. The users do not need to share their personal information or any other paper work to own and use cryptocurrency.


How Does It Work?

According to a dissertation help company, the cyptocurrencies use specific software named as “cryptocurrency wallet” to send transactions between the users. The wallet software is used by the individual who want to send transaction from one account to the other. This process is made possible through a public address. When transferring the amount, the user must possess the knowledge of password of the account. In this way the transaction from one person to the other is coded and then broadcasted to the network of cryptocurrency where they are added to the public registers.


After this transactions have been made are recorded to the public ledger through a process called “mining” where the computers solve the complicated mathematical calculations to make records. Miners basically are the individuals who look after the software and hardware which are build to confirm transaction to the ledgers. This ledger is accessible to all users of a given cryptocurrency. When this process is completed the user who owns the amount of cryptocurrency is provided with a set of keys. Set of transactions are made to the ledger with the help of miners.  The process is established in the blocks of information added in the form of chains and thus referred to as “blockchain technology”. Once you add some information to the blockchain it can never be changed or removed. Some transactions may not fall in this category these are fully private transactions.


How Does Cryptocurrency Be Obtained?

It can be obtained by using the similar process by which the other types of currencies are acquired. You can trade off goods and services. Switch it with other type of currencies like dollars, or interchange cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies. Transactions can be made through third parties like bookers who buy/sell the currency or can be solely from one individual to the other. You can only only use your cryptocurrency when you have access to public or private keys. These keys are present in wallets and if you want to use your cryptocurrency you must not lose the public and private keys. The wallets are used to store your cryptocurrency. Buying and selling cryptocurrency have become a significant business. In this business you may lose whatever you invested in just one day or you can make millions from a small investment. While some people may think this type of business as a trek, it may create a big difference in the coming days of technology and revolution.



The major limitation in the process is no involvement of third parties. As in standard money transfers the individuals can trust a third party to carry out their transactions. Here the users have a complete hold over their information and currency. The system of codes i.e. the cryptography is another major concern of the user as the process dealt with the accessibility of codes. These special codes keep the information and if accessed by other person the credibility of the system will be at risk.


Cryptocurrency may not have gained much of the interest of the traders due to its certain limitation. But it cannot be said that the system has completely ended. You can still buy many goods and services through cryptocurrency. It is specifically efficient in money transactions from around the globe. We may suggest that this type of virtual currency will revolutionize the current modes of money transactions and dealings.