All Freelancers Limited always provide best services to all clients. However in some cases where we have to issue refund against any order of any customer, these refund polices will be applied.

If Payment is Paid More Than Actual Cost:

If customer accidentally has paid price that is more than actual cost, then company will refund amount that will be exceeded more than actual amount. Just for example if payment is paid double £300 than actual payment £150 then we will refund rest of £150 (amount paid more than actual) within three days. Please note that always check payment confirmation message that you get, order form confirmation and a statement of your paying account or credit card to match that payment is done accurately. If payment is done more or twice then instantly inform us on our customer support live chat or drop us an email through contact us form.

If Writer is Not Available:

Although, we have all writers available for all academic fields, however, in some cases when writer is not available or busy or things that order is not doable then we will refund all amount against that order.

Deadline Missed:

Although we always provide best services within deadline provided by customers however in some cases like any political issue in the country like situation of war, natural disaster, terrorism or any damage to our head office for any reason, there may be a delay in delivery. For such reasons, we don’t provide guarantee of refund. In cases if deadline is missed due to customer’s non availability or not responding to our queries, then we will not provide any refund. In case if deadline is missed due to any other reason, due to fault of company then we will issue 100% refund of all money.

Work Rejected:

As our services are just for research propose so any solution provided by company should be treated as a guideline. Company does not accept any liability or provide any guarantee of best grades in academics of students. So if a student is supposed to write his own dissertation or academic assignment following our pattern. In case if customer fails to do so and submit solution provided by us same as it to his university, then company does not accept any claim for refund in case of his failure. We offer refunds only for these situations that are listed here;

  • On 20% or more plagiarism in the solution document, refund will be issued 100%.
  • In case if paper is not written according to requirements and topic provided by customer then refund will be issued 100%.
  • If paper is written with below standard English grammar or with lot of spelling mistakes, then we will issue 100% refund.

Order Cancellation Policy

Within 24 Hours of Placing Order:

Please note that for each order that is placed at our website, we are charged a fee by our payment processor that is deducted from our account and for each refund, we have to pay additional cost for refund issuance. So if a customer places order and then cancels it immediately with any reason, we will issue 90% of total amount. If 3 hours are passed and then customer wants to cancel order then we will issue 80% refund of his actual amount.

Within 2-3 Days of Order Confirmation:

As soon as an order is placed at our website, with a couple of hours a write is assigned to work on that order. If in case a writer is assigned and customer gets a confirmation email from writer and then wants to cancel his order, we will issue 70% refund of his total amount. In case if writer has started work and provided customer initial draft then we will issue only 50% of refund.

After 3 Days of Order Confirmation:

If 3 days have been passed and then customer wants to cancel his order, no refund will be issued in this case.