The clauses that undergo here, state all our terms and conditions regarding with our services. Placing order with us for any of our service, you state that you are agreed with our terms and conditions.

Disclaimer of Website:

In this agreement, there are only two parties., being service provider holds first position in this agreement while buyer or customer holds second position in this agreement. Services offered by are basically for academic research propose and these should be used for only as guidelines. Company doesn’t accept any claim for any other use of our service by any other client. Company holds moneyback guarantee with only two cases, either work is plagiarized or it is written with below standard English grammar. However in some cases, refunds are issued on certain conditions that are mentioned on “Refund Policies” page for further reference. When customer places order with us, as order placing process is completed, he needs to pay all payment in advance.

Order Process:

Our order process is simple and easy. We need only contact information of customers for further communication. Further, we need all order information including paper details. Customer will have to provide all information about order trustfully and truly because these will help our writers and staff to process order and come up with best solution. After order form process is completed, customer will have to pay full payment using his own credit/debit card or any other form of payment. We will decline all orders that are mismatched with contact and payment information.

Order Verification Process:

To determine a real payment processing, we verify that payment is actually done by customer. To verify, we first gather IP and geographical location information from our host and payment processor and match with contact details. Then we send a verification email to customer and call them on their mobile or any other telephone number provided to verify if payment done is actually done by him. After his confirmation, order is processed then.

Payments of Order:

We always process payments using third party payment processor. We process payments only with that payment processor that is PCI compliance and can provide best payment security to our customers as well as their payment information. When order process is done, customer automatically is taken to payment page of our payment processor. In case if customer requires payment in installment, then we provide them a custom payment link using our official email. Company does not provide any guarantee of any other payment link provided by any other email except than our official email addresses.

Installments Options:

For those customers, who don’t have enough money or lack of money or for any reason, they are unable to make full payment, they are offered installment options. Payment installments are made either by parts by parts of completion of order or half payment is taken in advance and rest of half payment is taken when order is completed half. So in case if any customer wants installment option, he will need to request on customer support live chat or either on our contact us form.

Writer’s Availability:

Company always take care of customers and do not waste their time by accepting orders for which writers are not available. Whenever an order is placed at our website, company checks for a specialized writer available according to customer’s specification. In case if writer is not available then company declines order and refund all money to customer.

Delivery of Work:

We always work best from our side to maintain a best level of our services. To do this, we always deliver each order before deadline provided by customer in order form. However in some cases like communication problems with customer, any natural disaster or any other political issue or war issues, company does not provide any guarantee of on time delivery. For any such issue, customer is informed before through email or telephonic conversation. In order to get rid of late delivery of work, customer will have to reply queries asked by writer as quick as he can.